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Civil Law encompasses cases of disputes between individuals or between individuals and organizations. A successful trial typically involves financial compensation for the victim. Common examples of civil law include divorce and child custody proceedings, property disputes, and injury. 

Given the personal nature of civil law, legal representation requires a balance of experience, knowledge, and compassion. With over fifty years of combined practice, Watson Law attorneys can help you create a strategic case for the best outcome possible.

We sympathize with the emotional, mental, and sometimes physical challenges that come when being in conflict with another person or entity. Whether you’re dealing with an injury or a professional licensing issue, our team of caring and experienced attorneys are here to help.

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Our skilled attorneys focus on the three main types of injury law: personal, animal bites, and auto accidents. After evaluating your case, we’ll seek fair negotiations or successful settlements for the physical and emotional pain you’re experiencing.


Personal injury refers to physical injuries and financial losses resulting from another’s reckless, careless, or intentional wronging. Receiving compensation from a person, government agency, or corporation who injured you requires the proof of five things:
Proving the person, government agency, or corporation was legally responsible for the injury does not require you to prove they intended to harm you. Proving negligence, such as unsafe or unreasonable conduct (like speeding and causing a car accident), is sufficient evidence to demonstrate liability. 

Under Montana law, an injured person can recover damages for the following:
Personal injury can also be inflicted through hurtful and unlawful actions toward a loved one. If a family member has died as the result of another’s negligence, you can seek compensation for their loss as a “wrongful death.” 

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Animal Bites

Every year, millions of people suffer bites from animals, especially dogs. Many victims experience severe physical pain as well as emotional scars. 

While no amount of money can heal these wounds, our animal bite attorneys can help you seek compensation for the cost of medical treatment, income lost due to time off from work while healing, as well as the ongoing physical and emotional pain and suffering.

We have settled six-figure cases in this practice area. Call today to get a free consultation: (406) 586-4707.

Auto Accidents

If another motorist hurt you, we can review the details of your incident and create a strategic case for the monetary damages you’ve incurred. Expenses from medical treatment, property damage, lost wages from being injured, and emotional and physical traumas all add up for the victims of negligent driving. 

We know injury and loss are traumatic. At Watson Law, we’re here to support you and advocate for your needs during this challenging time.

We have settled seven-figure cases in this practice area. Give our office a call today and schedule a free consultation: (406) 586-4707.


As you may know too well already, license suspension or revocation comes with immediate consequences that often have long-term effects. Formal disciplinary actions frequently become public record within nationwide databases. Maintaining employment, insurance coverage, or membership of an insurance plan are all subject to being compromised.

Licensing legalities are often complex cases requiring nuanced and intimate insight into the professional licensing boards’ regulations, rules, investigatory procedures, and judicial reviews. We have this insight and the capacity to get the best possible results.

At Watson Law, we understand that a professional license is a livelihood. That’s why we take every step to protect the careers of licensed professionals facing disciplinary investigations and formal administrative board decisions. We work to act quickly in solving licensing issues, as we’re aware of the strict time limits professionals have in satisfying licensing requirements.

As our successful track record shows, our representation is quick, strategic, and aggressive in order to protect your future. Call today to schedule a free consultation concerning your licensing case: (406) 586-4707.
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