Regardless of the nature of the alleged offense or whether you have been in a courtroom before, being charged with a crime can cause significant stress and uncertainty. Depending on the charge, your liberty may be at stake. 

In the short-term, you may be worried about losing your job or about how the criminal charges will affect your family. In the longer term, a conviction may land on your permanent record.

In Montana, a criminal charge can have many consequences that vary with the nature of the charge and the penalties set in statute. Criminal charges are serious matters, whether you face a misdemeanor or a felony. Depending on your circumstances, the effects of a guilty finding or a conviction could include:
You are likely thinking about what you can do to fight the charge and avoid the consequences. In some cases, you may be able to serve probation or complete alcohol or substance abuse treatment in lieu of jail time, if you have a skilled criminal defense attorney to help convince a prosecutor or judge that you deserve leniency.

However, you may have committed no crime at all, in which case you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight on your behalf so that you obtain justice in court. A great attorney who knows how to build a strong case in your defense may be able to convince a prosecutor or judge to dismiss your charge or negotiate to reduce your penalties.

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Domestic Violence

Abusive, threatening, or violent acts and words inflicted from one family or household member onto another is considered domestic violence. In Montana, domestic violence charges include bodily injury and harm or a reasonable fear of bodily injury and harm. The injury and harm can also include injuries resulting from negligence of a weapon within the household. 

Victims of domestic violence may file temporary protection orders to ensure the alleged perpetrator cannot visit the household or contact the victim. Should the physical and emotional damages prove to be severe enough by the court, these orders may become permanent.   

At Watson Law, we empathize with the emotionally challenging nature of domestic violence cases. We know the outcome of these trials carry lasting effects for you and your family, which is why we are passionate about protecting your interests.

We will leverage our thorough understanding of family and criminal laws to create an aggressive fight for your rights. Given the sensitive nature of domestic violence charges, we will also provide you the care and compassion you need and deserve in this difficult time. 

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Around 1970, pressure on law enforcement to increase the severity and enforcement of drug laws led to the Prevention and Control Act. As a result, the war on drugs has led to an insurgence of inmates in our prison system, from 300,000 in 1980 to over 3 million today. Federal drug crime trials further raise the stakes, as charges may carry a harsh minimum mandatory sentence. 

From simple drug possession to international enterprises, drug crime charges span a wide spectrum of severity. In general, three factors govern the seriousness of a drug crime allegation:
Intent of possession is often the most influential factor. Personal use without a valid prescription, if applicable, is generally considered less serious than producing, manufacturing, or selling a legally controlled drug. The greater amount one possesses, the more likely they will be charged with intent to distribute. 

The stricter laws and more grievous sentences for those convicted of drug crimes often results in violations of individual rights. Many drug charges follow searches and seizures of cars and homes, yet the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment offers protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. 

At Watson Law, we are dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights. Our defense strategy will review whether or not there was probable cause to search. In possession cases, we examine the quantity, schedule, and intent of your drug crime charge. We ask the tough questions that often get charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

Where was the drug found? Did you know it was a legally controlled substance? Were you the one in actual possession and control of the drug? If a vehicle search was involved, was there cause for the officer to stop you and was the stop properly executed by an authorized officer?

We know what questions to ask and have the strategic skills and knowledge to quickly leverage the answers into an aggressive argument in your defense. Our successful track record with keeping drug crime defendants out of our prison system speaks for itself. 

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Federal crimes transcend state borders and are also known as interstate crimes. The legal umbrella of federal offenses encompass a broad range of allegations that include but are not limited to the following:
The penalties for interstate crimes are often severe. Federal court is a different animal with a different set of rules. Often, federal investigations and charges leave you exposed to high mandatory minimum prison sentences and extremely restrictive conditions if you are released. Successfully challenging these enhanced risks requires experience and skill on your attorney’s behalf. 

Our attorneys at Watson Law are experts in defending your constitutional rights when you are facing the most powerful government in the world. We have handled some of the biggest cases in the history of Montana, achieving favorable results for our clients. 

We take pride in our intimate knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and our commitment to continuing education in the federal arena so that we can mount the most effective challenge at every stage of your case. 

If you have been contacted by a federal law enforcement agency - the FBI, ATF, DEA, BIA, or a Drug Task Force - you need an advocate right away. No matter the scope of your case, we’re here to help. Call today for a free consultation regarding your interstate or federal crime: (406) 586-4707.

Sex Offense

More than nearly any other crime, a sex offense allegation can compromise one’s career, family, reputation, and future, even before the charge goes to trial. Should the accused be convicted, sentences range from probation to a lifetime in jail. 

Probation in itself is demanding, with consequences of violating probation proving quite serious. All convicted sex offenders must register as such, and most are required to attend therapy for a lifetime. Being a registered sex offender limits where one can live and comes with life-altering damage to social, business, and familial relationships. 

To say the least, stakes are high in charges concerning sex offense. They are among the most nuanced and complex crimes, given that many cases are based on allegations without witnesses. These “he said, she said” cases leave defendants at a disadvantage, especially after the “Me, Too” movement. Many sex offense charges are invented out of anger or for revenge, to gain an advantage, or as an attempt to gain custody of children in a divorce. 

Unfortunately, serious sex offense allegations can be brought to court regardless of physical evidence. This happens far too often. Overzealous prosecutors, emotionally-charged juries, and aggressive media campaigns tend to skew bias in the favor of the alleged victim, especially if there’s suspicion of child molestation. We fight these battles on all of these fronts, engaging everyone from prosecutors to reporters to protect our clients’ rights.

Further complicating matters is the multi-billion-dollar commercial industry of child pornography online, a federally criminalized enterprise. It’s easy to unwittingly commit a sex offense crime by viewing media on a website of someone thought to be an adult but who is actually a minor. 

If you or someone on your computer opens an unsolicited email containing child pornography, you can be charged with a sex offense. Due to the ease and anonymity of technology today, production, distribution, and consumption of illegal media becomes increasingly difficult to regulate and thus avoid.  

At Watson Law, we empathize with the humiliation and fear our clients experience when navigating a sex offense charge. We are skilled in leveraging evidence rules unique to these cases to create an aggressive defense. When appropriate, we employ the services of a private investigator to bolster the argument of victim untruthfulness or a polygraph expert to bolster support for our clients’ truthfulness.

If you’re dealing with a sex offense allegation, you can have confidence in our ability to argue case facts for favorable results. Especially when the FBI chooses to pursue charges, it’s vital to work with a federal attorney with experience particular to sex offense cases.  

Time and time again, we have achieved dismissals for our sex crime defendants or protected their permanent records with deferred judgments. Call today for a free consultation and we can discuss your options for a more promising future: (406) 586-4707.


When a child is charged with a crime, the whole family suffers, especially if the allegation is as serious as a sex crime, assault, or murder. Juvenile crime laws vary from state to state, which makes navigating juvenile charges complicated. 

Yet, the options for your child are nuanced and many.  We can negotiate with the prosecution to possibly reduce the charges and ensure the child is charged as a minor, not an adult. This vital step can ensure your child faces fewer penalties and thus can move forward with their life faster.  

Whether your child committed a crime, made a mistake, or was wrongfully accused, our team of experienced and skilled attorneys can help you navigate the complicated legal system surrounding juvenile persecution. 

The rest of your child’s life doesn’t need to be negatively affected by their criminal charge. Not all attorneys are equipped to work with juvenile defendants. With a balance of compassion, knowledge, and strategy, our team at Watson Law can help see your child through the juvenile court system and work to ensure the best possible outcome. 

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