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Notable Cases

These are just a few examples of success obtaining the best possible outcome for particularly difficult, often high-profile cases. Acquittals were won in dozens more felony and misdemeanor cases including two where the clients confessed to the crimes.

Location: Canada

Details: Largest drug case in history of Canada: 2,500 lbs. of cocaine, 1.2 million ecstasy tablets.

Result: Client served three years.

Location: Montana

Details: Largest drug case in Montana history: 20,000 lbs of marijuana; 160 lbs of cocaine.

Result: Client will walk after serving around five years.

Location: Montana

Details: Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner accused of threats of gun-related violence against a female prosecutor.

Result: No charges or prosecution resulting from pre-charge negotiations with the Attorney General’s Office. Client sent alleged victim a nice apology on Tiffany stationary.

Location: Georgia

Details: 19-year-old Virgin Island Rastafarian charged with murdering 19-year-old college baseball star in small southern town. Trial heavily attended by the Ku Klux Klan.

Result: Acquittal. Services offered pro bono to client with no friends or family in the US and to prevent what was likely to be a legal lynching. Received NAACP Criminal Justice Award for successful pro bono representation. Being threatened by the Ku Klux Klan was a fringe benefit.

Location: Montana

Details: Doctor charged with Vicodan theft from emergency room.

Result: Cleared of charges.

Location: Montana

Details: Pharmacist with seven charges of prescription fraud.

Result: Six charges dropped. Remaining case dismissed after a year. Maintained licensing in five states.

Location: USA

Details: Client robbed museums in 26 states over 35 years. Millions in losses.

Result: No jail deal.

Location: Montana

Details: Another Lawyer’s client pled guilty and received a ten-year sentence on a bad check charge.

Result: After eight months, appeal made, case reversed and dismissed.

Location: Montana

Details: Student charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery.

Result: Charges amended: no jail deal.

Location: Montana

Details: Deliberate Homicide charged as a result of two pistol slugs being fired into sleeping husband’s brain. Client walked down to the police station in her nightgown, confessed to premeditated murder.

Result: Despite confession, plea negotiation resulted in charge reduction to voluntary manslaughter, with chance of parole in three to four years, based on a possible drug interaction defense.

Location: Montana

Details: Client charged with twenty-five residential burglaries, several counts rustling and illegal branding.

Result: Filed Fourth Amendment challenge resulting in plea to one count each, burglary, theft and illegal branding with thirty-day jail sentence.

Location: Montana

Details: 18-year-old carwash employee charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery and theft resulting from alleged attack on a popular elderly man in a botched burglary and safe-cracking attempt.

Result: Two trials. One hung jury, one conviction. Twelve-year sentence. While case on appeal, hired an investigator and located the true culprit. Supreme Court unanimously reversed on newly discovered evidence. The retired head of the FBI fingerprint lab, consulted for the Defense.

Location: Montana

Details: Elected county sheriff charged with sexual assault.

Result: Acquittal. Against a prosecutor who had reputedly not lost a case in twenty-two years.

Location: Montana

Details: Thirty-year veteran sex crimes investigator snaps, begins to groom a fourteen-year-old; attempts a sexual relationship.

Result: Four felony sex crimes dismissed, client pleads to evidence tampering, receives fifteen days house arrest.

Location: Montana

Details: Drifter charged with kidnap/murder. State seeks death penalty.

Result: Murder charge dismissed. Client pleads to kidnapping following the state’s polygraph expert taking the Fifth on an ethics matter. Used polygraph evidence to convince prosecutor of client’s limited role in the murder.

Location: Montana

Details: Client murders girlfriend in a manner approximating torture, all on an open 911 line. State seeks death penalty.

Result: Four felony sex crimes dismissed, client pleads to evidence tampering, receives fifteen days house arrest.Murder charge dismissed. Client pleads to equivalent of voluntary manslaughter.

Location: Montana

Details: Client shoots husband’s girlfriend off husband’s lap. Bullet enters her neck, exits the back, near the spine. Attempted murder charged.

Result: Client pleads to criminal endangerment, receives house arrest based on evidence of a drug interaction.

Location: Montana

Details: Client charged with five counts armed robbery. Co-defendants testify against him, in exchange for leniency.

Result: Acquittals on four counts and a hung jury on the fifth as a result of catching prosecutor in a lie, resulting in a loss of credibility by the prosecution.

Location: Montana

Details: Client charged with cocaine possession.

Result: Dismissed in front of jury when state crime lab chemist reluctantly admitted to an examination of the wrong drugs.

Location: Montana

Details: Elderly man accused of molesting six girls and charged with several felonies, many of which carried potential life sentences.

Result: State dismissed all charges after jury arrived for selection, on the basis that several girls recanted, saying allegations were made to get attention. Equivocations were under-reported in discovery, but discovered by the defense during investigation. Aggressive investigation undermined witness’ credibility.

Location: California

Details: Man arrested for trying to transport 13 pounds of marijuana in his carry-on at Oakland Airport.

Result: State dismissed upon defense motion challenging TSA’s authority to search carry-on for drugs. TSA mandate allows searches related to transportation security, while search for contraband violated client’s 4th Amendment right. Marijuana returned to client as “personal amount”.

Location: California

Details: Rastafarian men pulled over for “speeding”, 100 pounds of marijuana and plants seized from bed of pickup.

Result: State dismissed for lack of evidence after defense raised issues related to profiling.

Location: Montana

Details: Foreign national arrested for transporting $1,500,000 in contraband through Eastern Montana

Result: No jail deal with $17,500 fine, case to be dismissed after 3 years of good behavior.

Location: Montana

Details: Man accused of double assault with a weapon, for pointing and discharging shotgun at two would-be assailants. Client went through four lawyers over two years before hiring Watson Law shortly before trial. Defense then located critical evidence in State evidence locker, existence of which was previously formally denied by State. Video surveillance proved client’s innocence.

Result: State dismissed at pretrial conference.

Location: Montana

Details: Activist shut down Alberta tar sands oil pipeline, allegedly causing $250,000 in damages, admitted action as part of a larger political statement.

Result: No jail, $2,500 fine, and dismiss case after 18 months of good behavior. (On appeal)

Location: Montana

Details: Man arrested for transporting meth into Indian territory, dog sniff located drugs in vehicle.

Result: State dismissed after defense filed motion challenging dog’s credibility.

Location: Montana

Details: Man shot son in his chest, nearly killing him.

Result: No charges. Bullet still in son’s chest.

*Names withheld to protect client privacy.
*The cases contained herein are unique, as is every case. Results obtained previously are not necessarily representative of possible results in your case, or any other case, and your decision to hire me should take that strongly into account.