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Interstate Crimes and Federal Crimes

Watson Law Office represents those who have been accused of, arrested for, or prosecuted for allegedly committing crimes across state borders. We have the experience required to navigate the field of interstate and federal crimes, both by plea negotiation and at trial. If you have been accused of, arrested for, or prosecuted for crimes across state borders, interstate drug trafficking, kidnapping, or other federal crimes, contact us.

Interstate crimes are crimes that occur across state lines, including:

  • Drug trafficking and/or interdiction
  • Kidnapping
  • Firearms violations
  • Mail fraud or conspiracy of fraud
  • Transportation of stolen property from one state to another

The penalties for interstate crime are severe, which is why you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent you. Chuck Watson has handled some of the biggest cases in the history of Montana, including interstate and federal crimes. Watson Law Office is prepared to handle your case attentively and with the goal of getting you the best result.

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